Sunday, December 28, 2008

The christmas haul and other tales

You may recognize this mitten from the book of yarn. Having a hearty love of snails (and bats) I wanted to make a pair for quite some time. The motivation came in the form of blistering minus forty weather and a lack of hand coverings. So i decided it's been a while since I've made something really intricate let alone something intricate for myself, so I cast on.
The welts at the bottom were a trial, I discovered I really dislike making welts, or tucks as the case may be. However they do look good and they serve a purpose so I am glad for that. Ideally I want to be done these before school starts again. I got lots of knitting time in on them on christmas eve, mom can attest to that fact.
They really are knitting up quicker than I thought they would.
I am useing two different patons kroy to make them, the stripy effect comes from patons kroy stripes in burnished sierra stripes, I have to take out the navy every time it comes around because i feel it's too close to the black but i really like how the other colors are working with the pattern.
I'm thinking about calling these my halloween snails.
I'm almost done the mitt in this picture I'm on the thumb now so I'm sure there will be more pictures when it has been compleatly compleated.
This lovely skein my mom picked up at the Agribition. It's white fingering just waiting to be dyed. I am looking forward to dying it but I haven't figured out what colors I'm going to dye it with yet.
I have no idea what the yardage is but I'm anticipating something like a scarf or maybe part of one? Really I have no idea yet I just look at it and smush it occasionally.

Ruby slippers mediumweight mom got me this from river city yarns. I love STR and this colorway is just so rock and roll. I haven't anyplans for it yet, except to stare at it and smush it with love occasionally.
I'm sure once class gets back in and my sock fetish comes out again this will be called up for something amazing. There's just so many patterns waiting to be made Oh my.

Chapman springs Mediumweight. HOT I love the color variations in this. Love.
Seriously. When my credit card is paid off I'm dropping a pretty penny on more STR. But you didn't hear that from me ;)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I swear I haven't forgotten you, I've been busy!

In my house the cats rule the roost. So when I placed this stuffed toy christmas gift beside Peatrie for a picture upon compleation, when she reached over and grabbed it like a pillow I was hardpressed to have to remove it from her. She used it for a while and when she woke up, I spirited the stuffie to the bookshelf.
Now anyone who knows me knows, I hate the fiddly stuff, this was like hot needles in my eyesockets, not that it doesn't look cool and won't be compleatly loved, just ten stitches for ten rows on dpns, makes me want to hurt myself. But I may have to make another one, as peatrie has decided she's rather fond of the dang thing.
Some may recall that free handful of fleece I got at agribition (cleaned and weighted about 50 grams). Well with the help of Amy's handcarders I handcarded the white with some green shaded romney from the willow and then spun those rolags nice and thin. Then I plyed it with the leftover green romney, and when that ran out I used a single I spun a while ago that was a neutral tan-y/brown alpaca. The alpaca was a bit on the thick and thin side but not too much, blocking seemed to take a lot of the issue away. All in all I think this skein might be a hat.
It marks the first time I've ever hand carded or hand blended fiber, I like it.
Okay, so I finished mom's christmas gift, the go with the flow tank from "Inspired Cable Knits" just in time to block and wrap it before the big family shindig tonight. Quite frankly I wonder if I'll end up accidentally falling asleep after dinner, it's only the morning and I'm already ready to nap. Bebop gave me no sleep last night dispite the fact that I could go to bed because I was done all pre-requisite christmas knitting.
While I wish fondly that my family were somehow interested in this knitblog, I know they're not so I don't actually worry about showing some x-mass gifts before their gifted.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

logic breaks and surprizers galore.

Okay so my knitter group "the clicking needles" had a secret santa this monday, and this glorious box was my giftie. It's 80/20 merino silk. There are several different colors and some natural colored stuff. The natural colored stuff will get dyed most assuridly, whereas the already died will be done either by itself or with something else. It's soooo solf so soft. I was starting to get worried because of the spinning jag I've been on and I've started running low on the dyed stuff, but this combined with *squee* the stuff I'm trading for with Amy will definatly keep me over the break. Plus I do have a lot of natural that I want to spin to make boxed from knitty. But you have to be in a mindset for natural, and that mindset is far from me right now.
This here is the superwash merino I got a while back, spun up and then navajo plyed, and yes, it was one of my first navajo plying experinaces but it came out so nice. I wonder what I'll make with it. the colors are nice, It might be a hat or a cowl, I'm on a cowl fetish right now so that's more than likely its fate. But honestly this city is frelling cold, there's nothing wrong with a million cowls. Cowls GALORE.
Then my mom called to say that I had a package at her place (most everything gets shipped there since I live in an apartment and mail and apartments don't mix well). So I went and picked it up last night and this was inside the plastic bag....
That's right WOLLMEISE!
The second shipment of the sock club came and quite frankly not a minute too late. I've been funking it up (who knows why) and basically I needed something to brighten my day.
Inside was the two skiens (pretty pretty - but yellow is so not my color). And a yarnissima pattern that is to dye for. It's enough to turn me back to my sock lovin self. Cranking out christmas socks has really killed my soul on the sock front but I think once christmas is over and classes are up again the sock urge will be strong within me. And there's a little suprise ball that I have to knit to get to the gift inside, and a little baggie of gummies. Which won't last long since my love of all things gummie bear like is intense. Seriously coke bottle gummies are like ambrosia to me.

Anyway that's the update. There's lots a brew in my head that I want to get to once the last final is done, but alas I must not think of things until the final is out of the way. Grr argh.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have really wanted to see and feel the greatness of cherry tree hill, and now that I have I wonder if I'll ever be able to go back to the same old Opal again. It's colors are so vibrant, it's a fingering weight so I'll have to do something that's a finer knit sock or maybe mittens with it, but the color I could not refuse.
I question why i didn't get two of them they'd make a lovely clap. Even if knitting yet another clap seems like a lot, I only have one and the other was a gift to someone. I can totally see the colors just being amazing in that pattern. Maybe I'll make something else. Right now I'm all about getting my holiday knitting done, and that is a chore in and of itself. I am so close yet so far.

Dream in Color Smooshy Sock anyone? Isn't it gorgeous? I really want to knit with it but that will have to wait until other obligations are taken care of so it might be a while, but dangit it's so pretty and soft I want to bear it children.
I am overjoyed that there is a store carrying this in my city now. I feel like a new sock door has been opened.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Inbetween days.

The mystery beret after it's second knitting. The first one didn't have the slouchiness I wanted to I frogged it and reknit it with an extra repeat for the perfectness that it is. Now it's blocking over a plate, but it totally rocks. It's out of some Manos that Roxanne gave me in repsonce to the hat I gave her. It basically shows that knitting is a very reciprocical art. One can knit and give away something, and sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, they are returned with yarn. And that's what makes me really happy, when someone enjoys the things I give them so much that they voluntarily give me something in return. Especially something as swanky as Manos.
This is the quivet scarf, also blocking. It was a gift yarn from my mother who got it at a "sorry you had a shitty break up" gift. I finally knit it up and blocked it. The pattern that came with it is devine and works fabulously for the yarn. It's 1/3 Quivet, 1/3 merino and 1/3 alpaca. It's also very soft and warm dispite being very delicate looking.
It was a quick knit, I seem to be taking to those the most these days with papers and finals all swirling in my head. Hell even right now I'm taking a break from finals stuff to blog this. But I think if i didn't I'd go insane.
While the amount of knitting/spinning I've gotten done lately has slowed to a trickle (which is why I have blocked so much) I can't wait until I don't have to worry about school for a few weeks and can just focus on work and knitting/spinning/dying.
The last thing I have to show you or blog about is the Cat Bordhi Mobious Cowl. I made it out of handspun, thicker than I usually spin but i wanted to try for a borderline bulky. This is being called the "starry night" skien because it reminds me of that famous painting.
And now I should probably get back to researching. This paper won't write itself. Even if i Wish it could.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Agribition 08

These here are a special kind of sheep. The Katahdin sheep also known as "The Meat Sheep" doesn't grow wool. One would be inclined to wonder at how it comes to being that a sheep the great giver of fiber would have the ability to grow wool weeded out of them. But this sheep is bread with hair and is done so for it's "low mantinance" meat. While I may not think this is generally a smart move, and while it does make my knitterly soul die a little, they were very nice sheep. They seemed zen and generally peaceful.
There were several different farms showing them this year, personally I have never heard of them before. Still a beautiful animal all around.
This little lady is a Burrowing Owl. While they are smaller than a pidgeon they are going extinct and that is a shame. However some canadian farmers realizing they co-exist well with cattle have kept some land from becoming pasture land to keep burrowing owls. The burrowing owl is a great mouser and that is something that attracts farmers to her. She also lives in abandoned gopher holes that are burrows then lined with various things including at times cow dung. They are well known insect eaters (grasshoppers and the like), as well as mice, snakes, frogs and beetles. They never make their own burrows but rather use abandoned burrows from other burrowing animals. In canada they are found mostly in alberta, saskatchewan and manitoba.
This particular burrowing owl was at a conservation booth, she was extreamly goregous and well behaved, she even allowed us to touch her (so soft it seems unimaginable). I have never had the joy of petting an owl before but it was akin to touching other birds. Her eyes also were just breathtaking.
One might wonder why we wouldn't feel more about such a clearly benifical animal. While less than 1,000 pairs currently live in Saskatchewan. Their natural preditors include eagles, foxes, eagles, coyotes, badgers, and snakes. Unfortunatly the spray meant for grasshoppers hurts these little fellows and makes them either impotent or kills them outright. This seems counter intuative as they feast on grasshoppers, it would seem smarter to keep a few burrowing owls and forgo the grasshopper spray, as they can eat over 10,000 grasshoppers per day as full grown adults.
She seemed to know that she was beautiful, she was very calm with everyone and was perched atop her travel carrier. The handler said that when they travel she likes to perch on the back of the headrest and hang out. Clearly this one isn't intended to be re-released into the wild, as she seems to have gotten used to the easy life. It's still quite a shame there aren't more of them living in the wild.
This pair of Alpaca were part of Living Sky Alpaca's. The brown one seemed more social in the beginning but it was the white one who loved mugging for the camera and talking to us.
Of course I had no problem talking to alpaca's while people around me may have thought I'd lost a screw or two at some point. They were quite hungry when we came by the stall, and it took the brown one a few minutes to find the food.
They decided to show us their bums, being ever the eager photographer I couldn't resist a picture of paca tocks. Rediculous? Surely! But this proves that they even have cute butts. Right next to them where I took the picture from was some fleeces, one of the paca's had one first place, I think it was the brown one (or else a paca that didn't show up at the stall) as it was a darker colored fleece with an intense staple length and softness. It was uber fab. as were the pacas.
As I said the brown one wasn't much for us humans but the white one was making some noises and looking at us, or as my mother would say about a baby human doing the same "telling stories". I prefer to think that the alpaca was just trying to have a friendly conversation and ask me how the agribition was going.
That of course was around the same time people started looking at me funny. But who can resist that cute little face with those cute little ears? Clearly not a human.
There were also MINI Donkey's. There was a pair of them, they were probably tired by the time we came along but we very cute and if that's the size of a mini-donkey I would like to know exactly how big a regular donkey is. But then again until I got there I had no idea what size an actual cow was. I was on par with the size of actual sheep, but aside from that I really didn't have a spacial concept of animal proportions. Even though I'd been to Agribition as a child.
The donkey's wanted to sleep I guess, and I can't really blame them, it has been a long week full of onlookers for the dynamic duo. And while all the animals were treated nicely and recieved more than adiquate care I can more than likely bet that they wanted to be home in their nice warm barns rather than in the agribition barns being gawked at by buss loads of school children. But who wouldn't love their cute little faces?
Here is another Katahdin sheep. Possibly the most Zen of sheep, the buddah of sheep if you will. Just maxing and relaxing in the provided hay. That would be the quality I noticed most in these sheep they were zen like. While one stoped to baa at me, the rest being tired as every animal must have been just kind of chilled out. I don't think personally I could ever eat a sheep. I love them too much as fiber providing animals.
I leave you with more sheeply enjoyment. Sheep faces, sheeps in jackets, sheeps without jackets, just sheep in general. While we attended the sheep shearing Amber was kind enough (as I was being a total sissyass) to go and grab me a handful of raw fleece (they were just letting people it was crazy) which I am going to process myself.
All in all it was a good year to go, much fiber, much fiber animals, much fun. And a ravelry pin to boot!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hot Chocolate and Essay Breaks.

As you can see I've been spinning. Well I've been spinning and doing lots of knitting, but most of the knitting won't be seen on here until after it's gifted away. This lovely skein is my first time spinning BFL, and also my first large try at navajo plying. I gotta say after having done the whole roving navajo that I really like the color graduation as averse to the barberpole, don't get me wrong I still like the barber pole, but the overall color transitions are magnificent. There's roughly 121 grams there, enough to do something with.
This here is Fibermonster ( in the colorway "Stained Glass". I spun it as medium thin singles, and really think that this yarn wants to be a cowl. I've been hunting down a good pattern for after I'm done the christmas knitting, and then ooh boy will I be in a spin of knitting shit for me (THATS RIGHT ME). As much as I love knitting in general and therefor take pleasure in knitting for others, I'm getting sick of this knitting for others. Just sayin. I wanna keep some of my socks.
Since I blogged about the fibermoster batts together last time I figured I'd show the spun up versions together as well. This is the sunrise colorway and I want to have it's babies. Seriously I could buy a pound of this, I LOVE it. It too is a single and it's a medium to heavy yarn. It may become a hat, a panta, I'm not quite sure yet, It's that skein you have that you love so much you never want to knit. I was trying out the long draw method gleaned from Amy during stitch and bitch when she brough her Louet to show off. (Yes I drooled copiously and she even let me spin some).
Speaking of socks I don't get to keep, this here is a pair of Pomatomus that I do not get to keep. They are also maniaclly too big for me. I hope the recipiant likes them as much as I got frustrated with them. Nothing against them but the pattern was way too involved for this time of year for me. A nice way of saying they drove me batshit insane.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So this is october

Here are some commissioned knits awaiting their new home. It's safe in the bookshelf. Three pairs of men's socks. Next up, or already started should i say are the two pairs for Janelle, harder to make but maybe I need that to stay awake in classes. These three pairs however are done and waiting. I gave myself a deadline to make them and came in in good time so yay.
As you can see I've been working on that 101 things, here are some grasses waiting to be stuffed and eyeballed, all the neiclings and nephling are getting one for x-mass. I'm going with the rule of four for x-mass. Then I'll pad what I have with more if I need to or feel I need to. But for now I'm two and a half grasses done. That's right I'm accomplishing things even in the haze of books.
If you think it's been all knitting in my world you'd be wrong o. I have been spinning too. I finished this bobbin last weekend, and am spinning it's accomplice at the moment. It's stuff I dyed myself so I'm attached to it on many levels, it doesn't know what it wants to be yet. It'll tell me when it feels like. I've still got a skein that needs to be set. I'm going to wait until i have a few skiens to set before I go all set crazy and have an apartment that smells of wet sheep. Kinda makes the cats nutty. Just sayin. They all stand in the bathroom mewling at the hanging yarn, which is strange cause they generally ignore all yarn. I have good cats that way, they have no urge to play with it, only errant strings.

And last but not least, a hat. Yes it's a strange hat, maybe that's why I made it/like it. It's modified from cosymakes geometric helmet hat pattern. I used hand spun silk/merino handdyed with elderberries plyed with silk hankie spun and romney spun, basically a mishmash of things. It looks a little odd, like me. And it hides a multitude of hair sins, since the hair and I are not getting along lately. But I think I'll make a semi-normal hat to go with as well, and another beret.... okay so I've been on a bit of a "I NEED TO MAKE HATS NOW" kick.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

101 in 1001. Start date.... NOW.

101 in 1001 (compleate 101 things in 1001 days...)
End date: Thursday, July 7, 2011.

Bolded Items compleated.

1) Spin enough of one yarn to knit a sweater
2) Finish Cable Hell Its being frogged, let's not talk about it.
3) Knit ten kids toys for the nieces and nephling (5/10)
4) Write five patterns (2/5)
5) Complete two charity blanket from squares
6) Dye at least one pound of roving
7) Create the Joni Mitchell sock colors
8) Spin with five different types of fiber
9) Finish at least one mystery shawl
10) Post to knit blog at least once a month for a year(10/12)
11) Organize books
12) Organize cd’s.
13) Organize knitting supplies
14) Organize crafting supplies
15) Cook at least fifteen new dishes. (2/15)
16) Make a yarn swift
17) Complete 40 pairs of socks.(10/40)
18) Sew 10 re-usable shopping bags
19) Make Rhodes baby quilt
20) Make or buy local for five family members for the holidays. Neices and Nephling each count as 1.
21) Give two garbage bags full of things to charity.
22) Save $1000 dollars for frivolity. Just to see if I can.
23) Learn how to make a PDF pattern.
24) Make said pattern available for sale.
25) Not cut hair except for bangs for a year.(5/12)
26) Get three more tattoos.
27) Sew Kitchen Café Curtains
28) Finish watching complete run of six feet under
29) Read Moby Dick.
30) Sew a Pair of Pants that does not have a drawstring waist.
31) Get NetFlix if it’s available in Canada, get something similar if not.
32) Print 10 blocks of Speedball art.
33) Get a T-shirt screen printer
34) Design and block print five t-shirts.
35) Eat at home three days a week for one month.
36) Knit 20 New dishcloths in different patterns. (6/20)
37) Learn to crochet granny squares
38) Crochet a granny square blanket (in progress)
39) Make soap possibly from a kit but try it anyway.
40) Spin 5 kg’s of yarn (3)
41) Read 50 books (audio books okay comic books no) in one year. (25/50)
42) Knit the Big Lebowski Siwash for Jody
43) Leave Regina for other places travel related twice. Concert trips count.
44) Go To N.Z. after graduating from University.
45) Create business plan for the Yarn Prawn.
46) Get secure funds for the Yarn Prawn.
47) Do a Cure themed sock yarn run.
48) Get a loom
49) Learn to loom (almost learned)
50) See the ocean.
51) Get drivers liscence.
52) Go to berlin.
53) Knit six different Cookie A patterns. (3/6)
54) Watch Doctor Zhivago
55) Get enough Fezzik yarn to knit a sweater
56) Knit button up cardigan out of said yarn
57) Knit everything in my ravelry cue as of today (08/10/08)
58) Collect all the sandman comic volumes.
59) Organize pictures in albums.
60) Learn to crochet amigurumi
61) Knit socks out of my own handspun.
62) Sew new covers for couch cushions
63) Learn to reupholster
64) Learn to make lasagna
65) Start taking vitamins regularly (let’s say three times a week for a month).
66) Drink at least one glass of water a day for three months (hopefully this helps the weaning off caffeinated products).
67) Knit two socks at a time.
68) Attend a knitting convention or fiber convention.
69) Bake something at least once every two months for a year.
70) Not dye my hair more than once a month for a year.(11/12)
71) Make a queen sized quilt.
72) Meditate once a week for three months.
73) Finish three cardigans/sweaters/coverup’s for myself.
74) File income tax.
75) Own all the Betty Davis Movies (3)
76) Host a Big Lebowski Bowling night.
77) Learn how to make cornbread.
78) Ask out a random stranger (coffee is enough in this case).
79) De-stash my wardrobe once.
80) Eat ethnic at least once a month for a year.
81) Learn to make skuffles.
82) Re-read the Lord of the rings trilogy.
83) Try three new knitting techniques
84) Cull the bookshelf once.
85) Have no more than five projects on the go for a year.
86) Pass Logic 100
87) Work at one job for one year.
88) Take Calcium tablets regularly (three times a week for one month).
89) Have a John Huges movie marathon.
90) Knit something with beads and actually finish it.
91) Watch all the Red Dwarf episodes.
92) Get matching cutlery that doesn’t rust or bend.
93) Knit the andre scarf (in progress)
94) Kiss a fool
95) Watch a minimum of 10 foreign movies in a year.(2/10)
96) Reserved for 09/10
97) Reserved for 09/10
98) Reserved for 09/10
99) Reserved for 09/10
100) Reserved for 09/10
101) Make another list.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

baby blankets and berets.

This is some hand dyed Romney I got from Golden Willow and spun up, it's a fingering weight and is very pretty. The colors meet at some places and thats an accomplishment to me. There's a fair bit of yardage, once I get the twist set I'll probably take more pictures. It was my self project last weekend. It turned out beautifully. I am tres pumped to knit it up into something.
This is the new beret in all it's glory, made from clapotis leftovers. It is lovingly known among me and my friends as the "getting over you" beret. It really did help the whole purging him from my life aspect. And the beret itself hides a multitude of hair sins, yay for bedhead hiding accoutrements. I'm down with not having to deal with my hair on class days, I'd much rather spend the time making and consuming coffee.

As you can see I've been hard at work on the baby blanket for new baby. It's actually done but I lamely haven't taken any newer pictures. I love how bebop looks like he's being tucked in by the blanket. It's really big and has the ability to be both light and warm. Alas I bought way too much yarn for the actual project so I have at least 8 balls of random colors left over from the blanket. But that's okay, I'll think of something to do with them, maybe another Baby Suprize Jacket? That would work. Or if I can find something that takes the same guage I may make something else.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ahh it's been a while mi corazon

But I have been knitting the whole while, between work and life anyways.
I've finished yet another clapotis... (done in Knitfrontandback S.A.S.S.Y. sock yarn, with enough leftovers to replace the beret).
This is for Brenda at the university for organizing the Missing Women confrence, it's in the colors of the confrence so it's perfect, that and she's a gorgous woman and a great prof, and really need I gush more? I will.

This charming number is done in Dog Lover's Sock Yarn (i think there's still some available on etsy), and it's for the future neph whom I do believe is being named "Rhodes", which is possibly thee coolest name ever. It's just a traditional Baby Suprize Jacket, they're soo easy to make and it really hilights the subtle color changes in the wool (a merino silk blend which is soft and extreamly plesant to work with). The buttons are going to be yellow lions and dolphins. I may make another BSJ yet as they are so dang easy.
This batt my friends is called "Sunrise", it came in the mail a few weeks ago and I have been gnawing off my arms not to spin it until I'm done what is currently on the bobbin. Sooo yummy. I have a possible pattern idea for it and stained glass but I haven't fully decided yet. It's from Fibermonster on etsy, I tell you this barely wanting to because its so amazingly wonderful I want all her things to myself. (greedy little knitter). I can't tell you what pattern I'm thinking of making but it will be beautious and beatific no matter what I choose, but I will choose handspun. All I'm sayin.
"Stained Glass" as mentioned above, I love the bluey black color mix. I'm not sure how i'm going to spin it, or how I'm going to spin the "sunrise" but either way I will and they will rock muchly.

In other knit related news I got into the Wollmeise sock club (yum) and that super pumped me up, although it also created a giant need for excessive ramen eating in my household. Between that and neil young tickets and school I'm so not able to spend money for the next little while.
Also I got an email back from Amy at Knitty and the pattern I submitted a while ago got lost, or rather overlooked in the whole process, but I now know she has it and it is being concidered for the winter 08 issue so yay that. I'm pumped to be in the running finally and actually to know that I am is a great.... relief? excitement? thrill?

Okay that's enough for today, I promise to try and post more, which will probably happen since I'll do almost anything to not have to focus on school work *evil smirk*

Monday, June 2, 2008

A day without rain.

Well here be a finished Clap (clapotis from Knitty that is) made from Blue moon's STR med. weight in thistle and tanzanite, see I ran out of thistle and rather than order another skien I decided to blend the two together. I think it's good looking and depending on how I feel I can wear one side or the other to the front. Versitle. Thats right...
I finally (accent on finally) finished the swallowtail shawl so here's a picture of it blocking. Done in misti alpaca lace weight. It took a while but it's really very pretty. To me it seems a bit... dressy? breakable? definatly not something I'll wear everyday but it was a challenge and it was fun to do. I don't think I'll do another laceweight shawl though, they're too flimsy for my likeing. I think I'll stay closer to stoles. Then again I did just cast on another shawl but it's in DK weight so I feel more comfortable with it. It's a little more up my alley and rugged.
The Susanna socks for auntie donna are done, and will be blocked before she comes for a visit later on in June. She picked the colorway so Hopefully she likes the patter I picked for her. They seem disproportionate but she does have very large feet, and she likes lower cut socks so cross your fingers she likes them lots.
It was my first forray into the cascade heritage sock yarn, and it's a nice sock yarn. Its definatly a bit thinner than the stuff I was useing before but it also lends itself nicely to lace patterns. I'm planning something cool for the other skeins of it I have. The Red/Blue is just calling to be a Cookie A. sock I know it is I can hear it right now. It will however have to wait I just casted on some Salto's for my travel knitting. And I like to keep it down to one pair on the needles lest it get a bit sock heavy.
Saving the best for last this is the Heartland Shawl (from the ravelry heartland shawl KAL). I'm doing it in some dk weight alpaca blend from the Crocus Hills Alpaca place in Pangman Sk. It's a great grey color and it's just dang fun. You can see bebop here likes it too.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Socks and Shawls oh my.

The swallowtail shawl (pictured here) is going again, as you can see. I stopped again to work on the Top Secret Mother's Day Present, but that is finished so its back to Auntie Donna socks and the Swallowtail. The shawl has been ripped once already (it was once long ago the MS3 shawl but I wasn't a fan of the second half of the shawl so rrrrip.

This is the Auntie Donna socks, the first sock is now done, the second sock is awaiting it's start (sorry the picture is old but whatever). Again they got stalled for mothers day (that project just needs to be blocked and then it should be ready). I'm happy to be going back to socks and shawls but the urge to cast on is strong, seriously, but I want to finish more things before I start another big project. Getting job has significantly changed my ability to knit and my time so I'm sure the summer will prove to be a slower time in Sadieville knitting. Sad I know. But so it goes.

I knit therfore I am