Monday, November 24, 2008

Hot Chocolate and Essay Breaks.

As you can see I've been spinning. Well I've been spinning and doing lots of knitting, but most of the knitting won't be seen on here until after it's gifted away. This lovely skein is my first time spinning BFL, and also my first large try at navajo plying. I gotta say after having done the whole roving navajo that I really like the color graduation as averse to the barberpole, don't get me wrong I still like the barber pole, but the overall color transitions are magnificent. There's roughly 121 grams there, enough to do something with.
This here is Fibermonster ( in the colorway "Stained Glass". I spun it as medium thin singles, and really think that this yarn wants to be a cowl. I've been hunting down a good pattern for after I'm done the christmas knitting, and then ooh boy will I be in a spin of knitting shit for me (THATS RIGHT ME). As much as I love knitting in general and therefor take pleasure in knitting for others, I'm getting sick of this knitting for others. Just sayin. I wanna keep some of my socks.
Since I blogged about the fibermoster batts together last time I figured I'd show the spun up versions together as well. This is the sunrise colorway and I want to have it's babies. Seriously I could buy a pound of this, I LOVE it. It too is a single and it's a medium to heavy yarn. It may become a hat, a panta, I'm not quite sure yet, It's that skein you have that you love so much you never want to knit. I was trying out the long draw method gleaned from Amy during stitch and bitch when she brough her Louet to show off. (Yes I drooled copiously and she even let me spin some).
Speaking of socks I don't get to keep, this here is a pair of Pomatomus that I do not get to keep. They are also maniaclly too big for me. I hope the recipiant likes them as much as I got frustrated with them. Nothing against them but the pattern was way too involved for this time of year for me. A nice way of saying they drove me batshit insane.

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