Monday, March 31, 2008

The haul

Mom got this kit so I could knit it up for her. It's definatly a mom thing. The color is actually a creamy beige and very shiny. It should be fun to knit, the pattern itself seems easy which is nice since I have little brain power at the moment thanks to finals+papers season.
Okay, so mom went to help auntie Donna and uncle Mike move to B.C. and since i was under the influence of the mutant flu from hell she brought me back some yarn... okay a shwack load of yarn. So in order of appearance. The fuschia cascade heritage.
Followed by beatle modeling the lovely Tofutsies in a browny/tan colorway, she really liked the tofutsies because they smell like cat treats to her, not that I can smell it but I could tell she was impressed. I think she's made the Tofutsies her fave, I have yet to knit with it but I am excited since it's something we don't get here in Regina town. The colors are interesting, I shall have to find an adiquate pattern. I'll surf the net and check the books I have around, I may just go with a traditional sock to see how the colors work.
The verigated Cascade Heritage in a lovely red/wine and blue stripe kind of colorway, again modeled by Beatle (in fact all yarns seem to be modeled by her, but how could I resist the photo-op. She didn't much mind and liked sniffing all the yarns so I take it as a win win situation. These colors seem indicative of my mother, perhaps she is trying to tell me something... perhaps she wants a new pair of knit socks....
The blue is for Auntie Donna, she bought it and sent it home with mom for another custom pair. If i keep this up my whole family will become addicted to the greatness that is the knit sock. And then Stephanie Pearl-McPhee will truely be proud.
Here we see the shaded green cascade, reminds me of a forest, I am tempted to do Baudilaires (by cookie a) with it. It's definatly muted enough to support an intricate pattern.
And this is the other set of Tofutsies that was gotten. I like the brightness of the colorways. Again Beatle would like to express that she is fond of this particular stuff.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

can't let her spread her sickness

So being horribly ill all I've been able to do (seemingly) is knit the least complex yet large patterns I feel like. So after the great rosmary swing jacket debacle (let's not talk about that shall we), i succumbed to the Holly Jacket. Simple, flattering, in my size... I had guage and I was hooked.

Here you see the Back and part of the left front as of two days ago, Now i'm on the right front and just breezing through it all, this could be because the second round of anti-biotics is finally working... it could be because the knitting gods decided to smile on me.
Needless to say with papers coming up, school eating my brain, and of course that ever ellusive life I have to live it could be a while before the Holly Jacket finally sees the light of spring.

Next post: the sheer yarn of it all a photo essay in all the yumminess my mom brought back from Abbotsford.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh mah Gawd (the Koigu has landed)

KPPM mmm yummy.
I have no idea what they will become (socks anyone)but i am excited their here.

I knit therfore I am