Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I swear I haven't forgotten you, I've been busy!

In my house the cats rule the roost. So when I placed this stuffed toy christmas gift beside Peatrie for a picture upon compleation, when she reached over and grabbed it like a pillow I was hardpressed to have to remove it from her. She used it for a while and when she woke up, I spirited the stuffie to the bookshelf.
Now anyone who knows me knows, I hate the fiddly stuff, this was like hot needles in my eyesockets, not that it doesn't look cool and won't be compleatly loved, just ten stitches for ten rows on dpns, makes me want to hurt myself. But I may have to make another one, as peatrie has decided she's rather fond of the dang thing.
Some may recall that free handful of fleece I got at agribition (cleaned and weighted about 50 grams). Well with the help of Amy's handcarders I handcarded the white with some green shaded romney from the willow and then spun those rolags nice and thin. Then I plyed it with the leftover green romney, and when that ran out I used a single I spun a while ago that was a neutral tan-y/brown alpaca. The alpaca was a bit on the thick and thin side but not too much, blocking seemed to take a lot of the issue away. All in all I think this skein might be a hat.
It marks the first time I've ever hand carded or hand blended fiber, I like it.
Okay, so I finished mom's christmas gift, the go with the flow tank from "Inspired Cable Knits" just in time to block and wrap it before the big family shindig tonight. Quite frankly I wonder if I'll end up accidentally falling asleep after dinner, it's only the morning and I'm already ready to nap. Bebop gave me no sleep last night dispite the fact that I could go to bed because I was done all pre-requisite christmas knitting.
While I wish fondly that my family were somehow interested in this knitblog, I know they're not so I don't actually worry about showing some x-mass gifts before their gifted.

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