Wednesday, December 10, 2008

logic breaks and surprizers galore.

Okay so my knitter group "the clicking needles" had a secret santa this monday, and this glorious box was my giftie. It's 80/20 merino silk. There are several different colors and some natural colored stuff. The natural colored stuff will get dyed most assuridly, whereas the already died will be done either by itself or with something else. It's soooo solf so soft. I was starting to get worried because of the spinning jag I've been on and I've started running low on the dyed stuff, but this combined with *squee* the stuff I'm trading for with Amy will definatly keep me over the break. Plus I do have a lot of natural that I want to spin to make boxed from knitty. But you have to be in a mindset for natural, and that mindset is far from me right now.
This here is the superwash merino I got a while back, spun up and then navajo plyed, and yes, it was one of my first navajo plying experinaces but it came out so nice. I wonder what I'll make with it. the colors are nice, It might be a hat or a cowl, I'm on a cowl fetish right now so that's more than likely its fate. But honestly this city is frelling cold, there's nothing wrong with a million cowls. Cowls GALORE.
Then my mom called to say that I had a package at her place (most everything gets shipped there since I live in an apartment and mail and apartments don't mix well). So I went and picked it up last night and this was inside the plastic bag....
That's right WOLLMEISE!
The second shipment of the sock club came and quite frankly not a minute too late. I've been funking it up (who knows why) and basically I needed something to brighten my day.
Inside was the two skiens (pretty pretty - but yellow is so not my color). And a yarnissima pattern that is to dye for. It's enough to turn me back to my sock lovin self. Cranking out christmas socks has really killed my soul on the sock front but I think once christmas is over and classes are up again the sock urge will be strong within me. And there's a little suprise ball that I have to knit to get to the gift inside, and a little baggie of gummies. Which won't last long since my love of all things gummie bear like is intense. Seriously coke bottle gummies are like ambrosia to me.

Anyway that's the update. There's lots a brew in my head that I want to get to once the last final is done, but alas I must not think of things until the final is out of the way. Grr argh.

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