Thursday, October 9, 2008

101 in 1001. Start date.... NOW.

101 in 1001 (compleate 101 things in 1001 days...)
End date: Thursday, July 7, 2011.

Bolded Items compleated.

1) Spin enough of one yarn to knit a sweater
2) Finish Cable Hell Its being frogged, let's not talk about it.
3) Knit ten kids toys for the nieces and nephling (5/10)
4) Write five patterns (2/5)
5) Complete two charity blanket from squares
6) Dye at least one pound of roving
7) Create the Joni Mitchell sock colors
8) Spin with five different types of fiber
9) Finish at least one mystery shawl
10) Post to knit blog at least once a month for a year(10/12)
11) Organize books
12) Organize cd’s.
13) Organize knitting supplies
14) Organize crafting supplies
15) Cook at least fifteen new dishes. (2/15)
16) Make a yarn swift
17) Complete 40 pairs of socks.(10/40)
18) Sew 10 re-usable shopping bags
19) Make Rhodes baby quilt
20) Make or buy local for five family members for the holidays. Neices and Nephling each count as 1.
21) Give two garbage bags full of things to charity.
22) Save $1000 dollars for frivolity. Just to see if I can.
23) Learn how to make a PDF pattern.
24) Make said pattern available for sale.
25) Not cut hair except for bangs for a year.(5/12)
26) Get three more tattoos.
27) Sew Kitchen Café Curtains
28) Finish watching complete run of six feet under
29) Read Moby Dick.
30) Sew a Pair of Pants that does not have a drawstring waist.
31) Get NetFlix if it’s available in Canada, get something similar if not.
32) Print 10 blocks of Speedball art.
33) Get a T-shirt screen printer
34) Design and block print five t-shirts.
35) Eat at home three days a week for one month.
36) Knit 20 New dishcloths in different patterns. (6/20)
37) Learn to crochet granny squares
38) Crochet a granny square blanket (in progress)
39) Make soap possibly from a kit but try it anyway.
40) Spin 5 kg’s of yarn (3)
41) Read 50 books (audio books okay comic books no) in one year. (25/50)
42) Knit the Big Lebowski Siwash for Jody
43) Leave Regina for other places travel related twice. Concert trips count.
44) Go To N.Z. after graduating from University.
45) Create business plan for the Yarn Prawn.
46) Get secure funds for the Yarn Prawn.
47) Do a Cure themed sock yarn run.
48) Get a loom
49) Learn to loom (almost learned)
50) See the ocean.
51) Get drivers liscence.
52) Go to berlin.
53) Knit six different Cookie A patterns. (3/6)
54) Watch Doctor Zhivago
55) Get enough Fezzik yarn to knit a sweater
56) Knit button up cardigan out of said yarn
57) Knit everything in my ravelry cue as of today (08/10/08)
58) Collect all the sandman comic volumes.
59) Organize pictures in albums.
60) Learn to crochet amigurumi
61) Knit socks out of my own handspun.
62) Sew new covers for couch cushions
63) Learn to reupholster
64) Learn to make lasagna
65) Start taking vitamins regularly (let’s say three times a week for a month).
66) Drink at least one glass of water a day for three months (hopefully this helps the weaning off caffeinated products).
67) Knit two socks at a time.
68) Attend a knitting convention or fiber convention.
69) Bake something at least once every two months for a year.
70) Not dye my hair more than once a month for a year.(11/12)
71) Make a queen sized quilt.
72) Meditate once a week for three months.
73) Finish three cardigans/sweaters/coverup’s for myself.
74) File income tax.
75) Own all the Betty Davis Movies (3)
76) Host a Big Lebowski Bowling night.
77) Learn how to make cornbread.
78) Ask out a random stranger (coffee is enough in this case).
79) De-stash my wardrobe once.
80) Eat ethnic at least once a month for a year.
81) Learn to make skuffles.
82) Re-read the Lord of the rings trilogy.
83) Try three new knitting techniques
84) Cull the bookshelf once.
85) Have no more than five projects on the go for a year.
86) Pass Logic 100
87) Work at one job for one year.
88) Take Calcium tablets regularly (three times a week for one month).
89) Have a John Huges movie marathon.
90) Knit something with beads and actually finish it.
91) Watch all the Red Dwarf episodes.
92) Get matching cutlery that doesn’t rust or bend.
93) Knit the andre scarf (in progress)
94) Kiss a fool
95) Watch a minimum of 10 foreign movies in a year.(2/10)
96) Reserved for 09/10
97) Reserved for 09/10
98) Reserved for 09/10
99) Reserved for 09/10
100) Reserved for 09/10
101) Make another list.

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