Thursday, May 14, 2009


As I can't really talk about the pattern that's in the next Knitty until it comes out (or show you for that matter) I will just say that's been on my mind a lot.
It seems spring has been thrown back as yesterday I woke up to snow.... SNOW in MAY. Okay past the anger, it's messed with my mojo something horrible. I was on a spinning kick and now I just want to knit big comphy things.
But since I know how I love pictures in posts lets get to the good stuff:

This is the merino tencel from spunky eclectic (esuary) it was only two oz so I imagine I'll be doing something small, probably a calormitry, it's very soft. I don't particularly like spinning with merino tencel though, too slippy.

This is the amazing ram I got from MoonlightBaker on Etsy. I haven't gotten to the targee batts I ordered at the same time but I really love this stuff, it's soo smooshy. I spun it as thick as I could muster, and then navajo plyed it for color continuity. I think it will become a cowl or a hat eventually, possibly something cosymakes or wooley wormhead.

And since so many people seemed obsessed with my mock pigtails yesterday I give you the classic "off to work" shot. Please ignore the mess that is my life.

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