Sunday, May 17, 2009

dying arts

Last night I set about to dying, my major goal being to make a dent in the roving top and to get some of the ram I processed dyed up.
Several hours later this was where I was.

Here are some of the braided tops that are dry and weighted and will go up for sale soonish.

Here's a look at the drying rack. Top is ram that I processed dyed shaded solids in green and blueblack. The hanging stuff is roving top that's been dyed, and the bottom two hanging rows are Alishas farm processed fleece.
All in all it was very productive. I'm slowly running out of dye I will have to order more soonish. But getting two and a half pounds done last night was good. Only like 10 more pounds to go. Clearly this is going to take all summer.

Tomorrow I'm going to be going over to moms to plant and start cleaning the garage. She said I could set up a dying studio in there so I want to get it cleaned out asap so I can get all the shelving and other stuff set up and be dying in there by the end of june.

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