Monday, May 18, 2009

I give you Tori Amos Inspired Roving

Since I said I would on plurk here's a chance to get these fabulous rovings before I put them on etsy, and since it's a chance to get them before I put them on Etsy, I'm offering them at $5 dollars US each (plus shipping of course).
There is approx 2 oz per roving, it is a processed farm top, I can not identify the animal except to say it's not one of the scratchy hard wools, it is definatly a multi purpose roving.
So I will give everyone two weeks to mull the possibilities over. If you want any of them feel free to email me at dirtyjeans(at)gmail(dot)com.
Without further ado I give you the Tori Line:
In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
"in the springtime of his voodoo
he was going to show me spring"

"You touched my hand
I felt a force
You called it dark
but now I'm not so sure"

Spring Haze
"so i know it's just a spring haze
but i don't much like the look of it
but all we do is circle it
and i found out where my edge is
and it bleeds into where you resist"

The Beekeeper
"Call Engine 49,
I have come with my mustard seed"

These last four are all the same color, Sweet Sangria
"Balmy Days,
Sweet Sangria,
She's been gone,
Have you seen her?"

#1 and #3 are SOLD

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