Thursday, May 28, 2009

No photos here sadly

I have been meaning to get new batteries for the camera (the rechargeables I've had for years seem to have finally kicked the charge button).
The roving went really fast for the amount I put up (there are still three left until further notice), I'll have to gear up the etsy. I confess I'm so busy these days it may take a while.
I got the last of the Jacob fleece drying. I have learned an important thing here, I don't like a lot of veg matter. I know in theory it's cheaper but it takes double the time to process and well I guess I'm getting snooty about it.
The ram that is blue black got carded up into a lovely grey, but until I get alisha over here to ply off her bobbins I am not going to get much spinning done. I'm still figureing out the newer wheel so she's only getting certain fiber I feel comfortable experimenting with.
I have seen the knitty pattern in it's ready state, I am overjoyed with it. My first pattern publishing experiance, and it was great, the editor Kate was amazing. I totally love her. Logic class is going okay. It's going. As far as I logically care.
In knitting I started Stephanie Japel Glampyre's Textured Jacket from Glam Knits. I'm doing it in Wool of the Andes from knitpicks.
I appear to have the nastiest case of startitis I've had in a good long while as I have soo many things on the needles already plus plans for more. My bro and his wife got me a jacket kit I really wanted from Mary Maxim for my b-day. Of course I'm straining myself not to cast on asap. And it's taking what limited willpower I have not to.
I promise I'll post pictures soon. As soon as batteries enter my life.

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