Sunday, May 10, 2009

Apollo (or my newest find)

I was at work doinking around on the internet and on the used website for my city I spotted an add for a wheel, a wheel for 100$, with a giant bag of wool, so I messaged the woman, it was unclear if there were two or three bobbins that came with it.
I did a little research, It's a LeClerc Nilus, which were only manufactured breifly but the LeClerc name is still strong in the loom business so they do a good job. The deciding factor would be the bobbins, if it came with three then I would be set for most spinning needs, and from the pictures I could discern some wear and some stuff that was going to need to be done, but for 100 dollars I was not about to let this go.
I called my mom and she said she would get it for me as a grad present if I wanted and if it seemed like a good buy. Good buy indeed. The woman messaged back that there were three there was a fourth somewhere but she hadn't found it in her cleaning but she would give it to me if she found it. So I said yes I wanted the wheel and she brought it into the city yesterday.

So this is my new baby girl. The thing was that the pictures as I found out were horrible, a lot of what I thought was wear was serious dust, serious dust and nothing more. The entirety of the body is fabulous, I had to tighten two screws. The shape of the body is impecable.

You can see the big bag of roving behind the bobbin here (i'm thinking of dying up a bunch and doing a sale of some of them - it's all prepared top and with some color omg how fab). The bobbins are shorties compared to Newo my Louet S10 there's two ratios on this one and she's a double drive. but as you can see the bobbins are pristine.

As I was wiping the dust away it just kept getting better, the footman and the treadle are in perfect order, it needs some oiling but nothing more.

This is the one are that she needs help, the paint has chipped off on the wheel a bit, but other than the surface appeal of the paint the wheel is still perfect, and the axle is also in fabulous working shape.
The spinner (the ladies mother) who had her before took immaculate care of her. Apparently the mother is now disabled and cant spin but was glad that it was going to a spinner that would love her and make nice yarn. Plus the money will help out the mother buying things she can do etc. Basically the 100 goes to the mother to do with as she pleases and quite frankly thats the way it should be.

So this is the new baby, I named her Apollo, since the line in Junesong provision goes "Dear Newo Ikkin how's Apollo been treating you" and my other wheel is named Newo, I imagine them having a camradery, plans for alisha to come over and spin on newo while i spin on apollo are already in the works.

In other news, I am waiting on the last of the ram to dry and then it'll be dying for that as well.

Now I better go get some knitting for mothers day done. I don't think I'll get it totally done today which sucks. Happy MD to all the mothers out there.

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