Sunday, June 21, 2009

week end accomplishments

My two goals for the weekendwere simple, Dye and clean...and as everyone knows I am a process cleaner, so while I did accomplish some rigourous purging, furniture movement, and organization, this could take a while.
So Dying, I dyed a few of the Joni inspired colorways I wanted to.

This is the top rack of drying goodness.

And this is what the other levels of the drying rack look like. Once everything is dry and I can take some decent pictures the Joni stuff will be up for sale. Gotta get ready for the tour de fleece.

This is where a chair once was in my living room, by the fact that I can have a shelf and a wheel in the same place means it was one big chair, which now serves as a lookout post for the cats in my room.

And because I'm so chuffed (hey I had to take off the chair legs and do some interesting moves to get it in my room), here's the shelf now healthily organized and clearing up some space elsewhere. Slowly this place is doing what I want it to, slowly but it's going.

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