Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's here!

The Mermaid's Lagoon Socks (which I've been hinting at like an elephant in a china shop) have landed.
So go check em out, knit a couple pairs, have fun with them, cause I did.


Jane said...

They are beautiful. Well done. Looking forward to knitting them!

ladywildcat3 said...

I saw your socks on knitty and they are great. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who have a brain problem that "won't" let me read charts(do not read this as, I don't like to read charts) so can't do them. There are so many designers who only use charts anymore that I am losing so many patterns because I have to find people who will write them down for me and am finding less who will as that is a burden on friendship.

Yarnivore said...

Ladywildcat3 I would gladly write out the chart if you want. The chart itself was probably the hardest part to make, but I compleatly understand chart cryptography, so if you want to make them I can send you the written chart.

Dutchess1979 said...

These socks are beautiful!
Unfortunately I can't knit any better than an elephant does. An elephant would probably do a better job. Is it in any way possible to buy a ready knitted pair or two...? I would really want to give my friend a pair of these....and keep one for myself;)

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