Friday, July 10, 2009

Tour de Fleece and Socks

So between class, work, and finding a house (which means packing cleaning etc), I have been spinning on the Tour de Fleece. My goal was and has been to spin all the Jacob I have, some of which is dyed and some of which is natural brown. I got the brown done first.

This picture is more true to the color than the other one. It's a fingering/light fingering weight, and there's over 700 yards of it. I'm calling it "Fezzik" after the Princess Bride, I'm also planning to knit the Inconcievable wrap from it. I'll get a different guage but that's okay.

Here is all the yarn that has been set, there are four skiens of it. The Jacob was a trial, it was fun and it is beautiful but the sheep was unjacketed and I processed this from the raw so there was much picking and even in spinning a lot of VM came out, but I think it's pretty and will have that rustic look that I want.

And because this is a knitting journal at the heart of it all, here are the cookie A. socks I finished (knit during my last class - Logic). It's the Thelonious Socks pattern done in Cables and Lace "Night's Plutonian Shore" from the Poe Club. Its hard to take accurate pictures of them because I am only one person (without sock blockers). But they are pretty and I am enjoying them.

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