Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Plyed Yarn! (and things in prorgress)

A few weeks ago I got some rovings (and subsiquently turned it into some yarn). It's a goregous red brown and is 100% romney wool. It's my first try at plying yarn with yarn rather than with thread or floss.

Also I started knitting a Phildar jacket for myself for autumn (i know a bit ahead of myself) with some ModaDea I picked up on clearance from Michaels a while back. And although I know I really should be finishing my tank top from NSFY (just needs the armbands and neck band) or working on my uncles siewash (started sleeve one) I really have this nasty case of startitis that just makes me want to start millions of things at once.

Soon to come - Pictures of the finished baby suprise jacket with buttons.

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