Sunday, August 12, 2007

Everlasting Bagstopper

When I first saw the pattern for the bagstopper, well I was intrigued. I didn't particularly like the whole "ribbon" idea (it seemed a bit unfinished to me) but I really like market bags, reusable bags and basically bags in general. I was swayed by the airy feeling the bag had and the hemp-yness of it all. I love hemp, I love the fact that it holds up well, that it's eco friendly, I just love the stuff.

So Lana and I were picking up the yarn for her very own Clapotis and I saw that there were two skeins of allhemp in the most lovely color (cinnamon) that would go perfectly with some vintage "ribbon" I found thriftstore shopping (the best 75 cents ever). I immidiatly got the allhemp and last night set to work making the bag.

As you can see I've just finished it (less than 24 hours that's a record) and all it needs is the drawstring and closure. I'm totally digging the look and the feel of the bag. In short - yet another reason to love Amy R Singer,because you know knitty just wasn't enough of one ;)

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