Tuesday, August 7, 2007

baby jackets everywhere!

Okay so I finished the suprize jacket, it turned out great, and since I now know it's going to be a boy I added some cute blue buttons. I also found a Stephanie Pearl-McPhee baby jacket pattern on Knitty which I made in brown, all the ends are sewn in and everything it just needs buttons, but I try to wait to put buttons on until I know if its a boy or a girl etc.
I'm also throwing in a shot of Peatrie guarding my knitting as she tends to do. Shes like a magnet to wherever a project is, she never sleeps on it though, just hovers.
While I'm babysitting my neice I doubt I'll get much knitting done still i started another suprize jacket (they seem to be an addiction so if you need a babyshower gift etc) I'm useing some wool i hand spun and pairing it with some merino alpaca blend I got when I lived in Saskatoon.

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