Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring, makes me think of lighter knits

So since I've been suffering tremendous pain of sinuses due to the snow molds I can only assume that spring is trying to get here. And that has spawned a whole repitoire of tanks, vests, and short sleeved tops in my rav que. However I had wanted to make this (the basalt tank from knitting nature) for quite some time. I think spring trying to sprung just sent me over the edge. Since i finished puffy, (she's waiting on buttons then I promise pictures) I wanted to start on something else of relative size that was for ME (christmas knitting has imbued me with a need for selfish knitting lately).
I have the first hexagon done. After researching it on Rav I concluded to go down a size for a better fit (the weight loss combined with a terminal fear of knowing my actual size has made for some strange knitted bedfellows let me tell you). Now I know my actual bust is 44inches. So I went with the 42 (aka the large) and I hope that was the right decision. The whole open belly part worries me a little but I figure I can always throw a cami under it if I'm feeling super concious. No one wants to see that, least of all me.

And over the week with all the house cleaning I've been doing I managed to get it in me to finish spinning escuary from spunky eclectic. I then wound it into a cake and plied it back on itself, i figured I'd get more yardage that way than if i navajo plied it. There's not a lot of yardage since it's done aran weight or perhaps DK (i'd wager somewhere in the relm of 18 sts/4 inch) but it's very pretty, still I see what Amy's talking about it's a merino tencel blend and I had a hard time keeping it spun consistantly. It will probably become a headband or something similar. I don't think there's yardage enough for a hat, although I could mix and match for the time being it's going to be set and put away for a rainy day.

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