Sunday, February 15, 2009

February keeps rollin, and so do I... in ways.

The so goth it hurts handspun drying after being set. Since I had a bunch of woolies to wash and some stuff to block this also got thrown in. I've noticed that the roving I get from the willow tends to bleed a lot when I'm setting it, like crazy actually. I've made a note for other times I set things, Luckily enough it didn't bleed onto anything just muddied the water like crazy.

This is the bonnet from cozymakes pattern, I have to wind the next ball that I'm useing to finish it because the first skein of handspun didn't have enough yardage. It'll look interesting when it's done but I am okay with that. I started it while we were making our rounds yesterday to see the neicelings. Everytime I tell myself I have too many hats I go and make more... go figure.

The stephaine Japel Feminine Puff Sleeve cardigan. I've had issues galore with the math but having said that the fit is really rather good. I have to finish the second sleeve and the button bands and then it shall be ready for blocking and buttons. I don't think I have the buttons I want for it yet, I'll have to have a look around the apartment. Still it'll be good to get something big for me done.

And of course what entry would be compleate without Andrew's Chocolate sexy manly scarf. If Pam Greer was a scarf she would be this "my so called scarf" in a heathered brown, 100% wool. Quick easy and sure to please.

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mysearchengine said...

wow! you did that yourself?amazing...

I knit therfore I am