Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shirkin homework (or at least taking a break)

Oh blog, the homework clusterfuck from hell descended on me with a wallop. And while I trudge through it I decided to take a break to display what I've managed to accomplish in the interm (a lot can be done while visiting family and takeing time for ones spinning)

This here is the HungryforHandspun (from Etsy) in Cornucopia. It's Ramboullet, and I have to say, this is my new fave wool, it's soft and it spins so well. Like butter almost, and the colors. Well if you can't tell by the throw on my couch, I'm really into these colors right now. Even if Yellow looks attrocious near me.

An overhead shot of the Bonnet I knit out of handspun (pattern in knit one embellish two by cosymakes). I used two different skeins and then did the embroidery (which is hard to take a good shot of let me tell you) on the solid colored side. I kind of really like the way it's two toned, one side all crazy colors the other muted yet vibrant. It still needs a button and some strings but all in all I'm loving how it turned out.

Okay so you can't see the embrodiery that well but I loved the look of this picture. I needed to just sit in the sun for a little while after spending a few hours pumping out 1/3 of the midterm that's due thursday. I can't wait to block this and get the final parts put on. Then I might just wear it until all the snow is melted.

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lolita vontorch said...

i like the HungryforHandspun...

btw...that's a great picture...i love the overhead shot in the have some amazing eyes!

I knit therfore I am