Thursday, September 3, 2009

The house papers are signed! Possession on the 22nd of October. I am very excited.
However since I promised some yarn pron, lets get right down in it.

Baby Belle (pattern by CosyMakes) Knit out of two different handspun yarns of mine, "Blue Ruin" and "SparkleMotion".
Both handspun yarns are three ply navajo to keep the color from barber-pole-ing, I felt that would be best for the yarns I was making at the time.
Sparklemotion comes in at 8 wpi and Blueruin is getting 8.5. So I concider them a close match.
Sparkle motion is spun from a spinners salad from Golden Willow which is a 60/40 merino silk blend that I hand carded along with some nylon fibers for the “sparkle”, Blueruin is hand carded mohair locks (I know this because it made me a bit itchy) and romney also from the willow.
It's going to be Zibbie's birthday present, she'll get it tonight at her party, I hope it fits and she likes it.
Since I appear to have been on a Cosy kick
This hat is from Cosy's book "Knit One, Embellish Two" Which you can buy on her Etsy site autographed I messed around with the pattern a bit, I didn't want it to go to a point so I went to a certain point and then do a three needle bind off. In the picture in the book the hat looks pointless, and that is the line I went for. I ended up getting this very slouchy big fluffy warm hat for the winter months.
That's one of the great things about Cosy's patterns, they are all good simple knits that allow for customization out the wiz-waz.
Not to be missed would be the spinning I have been up to
This is from my Joni Mitchell hand-dyed farm roving. Colorway "My Old Man", I spun up all four ounces of this colorway and I'm glad I kept it for myself, It's going to look so great as a hearty winter garment. And while it is warm out, the nights are cooling off and I really think it's time to start the prep knitting for winter (I should probably get back to work on my andre scarf).
And not to be left behind, as soon as I cast off the Earth Maiden (by Ilga Leja which can be seen on her website in two different yarns) and got it all wetted and laid out for blocking, I felt the call to join the chant and start knitting The Aestlight Shawl.
I'm useing a varigated jewel tone Tofutsies and then a hot fuschia for the eyelet part then going back to the varigate for the edging. It should be interesting and bright, I forsee doing more of these in other colorways (possibly christmas presents) as the pattern is just so darn loveable.

Wow that was a lot of show and tell, and you know I'm not even done, but I am done for now, until I get around to taking more pictures. Upcoming will be Earth Maiden, possibly the progress on vilai, the lacy baktus in all it's half finished glory, and possibly some more spinning.

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