Saturday, April 4, 2009

dyeing and spinning

Okay lets start this off with HANDSPUN, I started this on the drop spindle when lana was here and then put it on the wheel last weekend at the spinning day, and I plied it yesterday and thusly, a skein of prettyful yarn with a bit of sparkle and loads of fun. I hand carded the rolags for a kind of heathered run look. Minimal glitz but enough.

Now I had to dye a pound of roving for the spinning day so I took pictures, because well I was bored when waiting for the stuff to do it's magic. First off it all had to be soaked in its stuff for optimum absorbtion. I went with Deb Menz's instructions.

Here are some packets in the steamer, I did them in approx. 1 oz. intervals. this was the red orange yellow set, there was a blue green black yellow set as well. I got three packets in my steamer at a time and it served well.

While I waited for the steamer to do it's magic I preped the second set and let them absorb prior to packeting them up for the steamer. (And for the record magic eraser does remove dye from lino - just sayin).

And when they were done it was hang to dry overnight. Which left my place looking like a yarn harem. I think people enjoyed the colors. I myself didn't really like the red yellow, too bright for me, but it worked. I did however fall in love with the blue colorway, it was nice. The black took forever to wash out, and even after a good hour it probably still will bleed when they set their stuff. Tis the downfall of black I guess.

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