Saturday, January 24, 2009

bouncing off of clouds

While the top secret project has demanded a fair amount of my time and minimal photography skills don't assume I haven't been busy.
As part of my 101 I wanted to knit six different Cookie A patterns, so here is number two, as I did two pair of pomas recently. It's the red Herring pattern, I'm calling these my socialist socks, or the communistas. The first one is done, I haven't weaved the ends in yet but you get the picture (literally). I may do the second one in opposing colors just for a change. It could be fun. Either way I may need to buy more black as it is running much lower than the red. Also a factor in the opposing color for the second sock.

This here is my new pen (a Lamy) and my Andre scarf thus far. I find all the colorwork very intense and really if it weren't Andre I doubt I would have made it this far, but I want it, and that keeps me trudgeing along in a line. Once I get the the solid black circular knitting I'll laugh but right now it hurts my brain.
It seems like my color pallet has become blindsided by black and red but I'm also working on a brown cardigan and the blue top secret project.
I also got a bag of stuff off to good will today, which made me feel better (better out than in my tiny apartment). Slowly I'm clawing my way out of the mess that is my life and apartment. slowly.
But now I have a gazillion pages to read for classes so I am going to go, and if i get half of it done you better believe I'll be knitting. ;)

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lolita vontorch said...

i hear you on the removing clutter and having some organization...i have to do the same thing in my home every 3 months...your socks look great and i think that the other sock in opposing colors would be cool...

I knit therfore I am