Tuesday, February 26, 2008

things in the mix

So Josephine needed a blanket for her babydoll, and as i had some red heart laying around I quickly set to work making this boring peice, however she loves it so I can't complain (oh the things we do for neices).
After mom saw my Sunday Market Shawl she wanted one, so here it is unblocked but ready to be. I made it useing her color palette, as we all know I am no wearer of tan.
This is the sunday Market shawl that made her want her own. I made it out of some Rowan Linen Print, you can't really tell it's greatness but it is truely great. The perfect spring acoutrement.
And here is the sweater I started knitting for Lana, it's out of handspun hand dyed and some moda dea. I'm useing the Forsythia sweater from Spin to Knit as the pattern. Hopefully it turns out all good.


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