Monday, May 14, 2007

belated update

Finished the Queen of Cups socks (from and one of my socks I'm designing. Also finished the front left side of the harley siewash. Started on the other side. After I'm done with that I really want to get started on something that's just me, for me. It's been a while (since the knitting nature pullover i finished after x-mass) since i made something other than socks for me. 90% of this of course is that I'm on a wool diet and have an abundance of redheart supersaver I can't think of what to do with.
I've decided that after I get rid of all the redheart supersaver I'm only going to use.... real fiber. In so much as I think it's time I started investing in really good yarns in order to make less peices but peices that will stand up to time better than say..... 100% acrylic.
The sea wool is still overwhelmingly goregous. I think i'd like to make something out of that.... like a sweater or hoodie.
But first to finish this siewash. And my socks.... and mom's gift... gotta find a good pattern for that one...

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