Monday, July 30, 2007

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Suprize Jacket

It seems to be catching like some kind of flu. The obsession to make EZ's baby suprize jacket.... and I had a spare ball of softy baby... and there are always babies... and well how could i resist.
As you might be able to tell I've just finished casting off for the neck and hope to be done in the next few days. I'm currently on the second level of downing myself off of anti depressants so my joints ache my head hurts and my elbows feel almost broken but somehow I manage to keep knitting.
This particular jacket is a gift for lily's friends in NZ who are having their first baby. I'm going to put some swank boyish buttons on it to finish it off when it's ready.


Here you can see how i'm slowly prodding along on the Mystery Stole. I got a horrible case of startitis after finishing the third clue and have now quite the menagery of things I've started (as well as two dishcloths that i've made recently from leftover scraps). I'm on a recycle yarn kick.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Since the beads arrived I've been going nuts and slowly (as i don't want to make many mistakes) I've been working on the Mystery shawl 3. I'm almost done clue one (although I took the picture a dozen rows ago you can see it's going to be amazing and beautiful).
I also made Lana a shrug/bolero and managed to use a good chunk of stash. I also bequeathed her some of my stash for her Adam's birthday sweater. It's going to kick much ass when she's done it.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Socks socks and more socks

I've been busy, just not busy taking pictures... I finished two pairs of socks and had a tragic mishap with the leaf cardigan that won't be discussed as of yet (let's just say the harlot is right... knitting vortex best laid plans and swatches). However I managed to pull a pair of bordello socks out in under a week (close call) and prior to that had finished a pair of flame socks from interweaves 25 timeless patterns and two balls of cascade fixation yummy.
I'm starting a lace back tank from No sheep for you for myself. And on top of that knitting a henry rollins doll (From snb nation) for a friend. I guess being busy is what I do best some times. I started on the sleeve for the harley siewash, and sewed in all the ends from the back and fronts and seamed the shoulders. I'll have to wait until it gets less warm out until i finsh the siewash though its just too warm for summer knitting.

I knit therfore I am